CCA Sports Retail Services

The Leading Retail Services Provider For Specialty Fitness, Ski & Outdoor Retailers.

Our retail services include operations, cost savings and advertising programs designed to save retailers time, increase their revenue and maximize their profitability:

  • Credit Card Processing: Through our parent company CCA Global Partners, 2,800 member retail locations generate over $1 billion in annual credit card volume.  That volume allows you to enjoy very low rates for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover processing – and our rates are “all in,” with no monthly add-on fees or charges.  There are no “middlemen” or brokers in our program.  Send us your monthly statement and let us show you how to reduce this cost for your business.

  • American Express Processing: This can be used in conjunction with the Credit Card Processing Program or stand alone.  CCA’s rate for AMEX processing is extremely competitive and well below the “street” rate for independent retailers. The American Express customer typically has more money to spend in your store; be sure to capture him and her.

  • Consumer Financing: Drive higher-end products and add-on sales with CCA’s industry leading consumer financing program. Numerous studies show that customers with a private-label credit card spend more, visit your store more often, and are more loyal. By partnering with Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Capital), CCA offers consumer financing at the lowest rates in the industry, has the highest customer approval rates, and provides an exclusive private label card that customers use repeatedly at your store, boosting customer loyalty to your business. This program provides your customer 6 months, 12 months, or longer to pay for their purchase. You select the program that’s best for you.

  • Cost Savings Programs:
    • Payroll Processing – save on ADP services, often 25%.
    • Sprint – save 19% on most cell service plans for you and your staff.
    • Office Supplies – save a minimum of 15% off Staples Advantage, enjoy free shipping, and 40% or more off the 300 most commonly purchased items.  You’ll be buying office supplies at “big company” prices.

High Impact Marketing

We offer marketing programs that drive traffic and sales, and are easy for you to implement.

  • Ski Club EmailSki & Outdoor Club Automated Customer Follow-Up Programs: Utilize the most advanced automated customer follow-up program in the snow sports and outdoor industries with Ski and Outdoor Club. If you’re a ski retailer, automatically send your ski, snowboard and boot customers thank you emails after they make a purchase. You can send out tune-up and rental reminders to drive customers back into the store.  If you’re an outdoor retailer, send out thank you’s to customers based on a purchase threshold you set.  You can send customer appreciation emails and a ‘We Miss You’ email to customers who haven’t purchased.  All of these follow-up emails are customizable, and once you set it, you can forget – we send them to your customers on your behalf!  Plus, you can get valuable feedback from your customers with the customizable customer satisfaction survey that’s included on all thank you emails.

  • Direct Mail: CCA Sports Retail Services provides you with a wide variety of fully customizable direct mail options. We use our buying power to make sure your cost is always low. Custom design, strategy, and prospective customer rentals are included for free.

  • Custom Email: Create your own customized emails and send them out to your customers whenever you please, no matter what size your email list, for as low as three tenths of one cent per email!  Send newsletters, invitations, promotional emails and more.  Create your own or choose from a wide selection of professionally designed templates that are optimized for any device.

For more information, email or call 1-800-450-7595 and ask for CCA Sports Member Services.