CCA Global Partners is a recognized world leader of shared ownership business models. Having created one of the most impactful purchasing cooperative structures to exist around the world, over the course of 37 years has evolved the operations to support family-owned businesses and local entrepreneurs in a variety of industries far beyond its original inception. As a cooperative CCA Global is owned by its members, the individual business owners operating their individual family businesses. 

This shared ownership business model creates the scale needed to provide innovative products, systems, and services that give family businesses a competitive edge while allowing them to maintain their independent identities. Because a cooperative is owned by, and operated for the benefit of the people at the heart of the organization rather than outside investors, means our success is truly our members success.

Today, CCA is one of the largest privately held cooperatives in the United States, with 14 distinct business divisions. 

The success of CCA Global Partners was never to be a singular, but a force for good shared with all who are a part. Here is how we are going above and beyond to share the benefits of our business model.


Savings4Members is a division of CCA Global Partners, that packages and provides the company’s 37 years of experience and savings programs to outside partner networks in order to impact more local businesses. Savings4Members extends some of CCA’s most powerful savings solutions to member-based partners outside of the cooperative currently reaching over one million family-owned businesses.

Savings4Members serves business associations, co-ops, franchises, buying groups, trade associations, and nonprofits alike. Partnering with leaders from these groups we provide white labelled savings programs and supporting resources to their membership of local businesses. We pride ourselves on making it easy for our partners to empower their group with managed solutions that are seamlessly customized, implemented, and updated for them. 
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We are investing in the next generation of shared ownership entrepreneurs. Through, we are supporting a new wave of entrepreneurs who are expanding ownership and opportunity in business sectors ranging from healthcare to the gig economy. is the only accelerator in the United States focused on startups that are controlled not by investors, but by customers and employees. To have powerful community outcomes across the country, the accelerator prioritizes businesses that create wealth for people of color, women, immigrants and other marginalized populations.


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We strongly believe shared ownership powers better businesses. CCA Global Co-CEO Howard Brodsky founded in 2015, and is chairman of, the nonprofit Cooperatives for a Better World (CFBW) to promote cooperatives and shared ownership business models around the globe. Today, Brodsky and the nonprofit lead a network of cooperative business leaders and influencers from different sectors of the economy and all corners of the world. Together they launched the first international marketing campaign for co-ops adopted by 18 countries, translated into 8 languages, and reaching over half the world’s population. 

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