Performance Evaluations: An Open Dialogue

Working at CCA, Who We Are CCA Global Partners

As we navigated a global pandemic this year, many of our work lives looked different and some of us had to transition to working at home. CCA understands the personal challenges that this presents and gave their employees the opportunity to reflect on performance this year with open dialogues between supervisors and their team members.

Like any good company, we here at CCA Global Partners look forward to our annual performance evaluations where our employees get to ‘sit down’ with their supervisors and discuss their progress. But, unlike most companies, we go a step further with our performance evaluations, making sure that our employees feel valued and heard.

Instead of gauging performance as a way to keep track of progress and streamline promotions, CCA performance evaluations encourage an open dialogue between employees and their bosses, inspiring one another to be as transparent and honest in their reflections and goals. This robust two-way conversation only adds to the value of the evaluation and merits better performance outcomes in the long run.

During this difficult year, we believe that what our leaders communicate and say now in these times is going to be remembered by our employees. We felt the need to be more empathetic to their personal situations, working remotely, etc.

Our evaluations evaluate five major areas of performance: The CCA Way (open mindedness, energizing the team, respect and responsibility), employee accomplishments, employee strengths, areas of opportunity and goals for the upcoming year.  In addition to these areas of performance we also had conversations with our employees around their resilience and capacity to “adapt” during this challenging period.  We also provided our managers with a toolkit of Best Practices on how to give performance evaluations virtually.

Thanks to this toolkit and our virtual web programs, everyone was able to receive face-time with their supervisors and gear up for the 2021 year ahead.