Marshall’s Carpet One Floor & Home Benefits from the Cooperative Model

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Now the largest full-service flooring store in northeast Ohio, it’s hard to believe that Marshall Carpet One Floor & Home started in a 700 square-foot space on the second floor of a mall in Richmond Heights, Ohio.

“That was a very unique, unusual location for a floor covering store,” current co-owner Chuck Wien said. “And at that point in time, we only sold carpet.”

Chuck’s father, Marshall Wien, opened the store in 1966 before being joined by Chuck in 1971 and his brother, Marc Wien (the other current co-owner), in 1972. Around this time, they moved to a bigger location and began showing vinyl and linoleum floors alongside their original carpet samples.

Today, Marshall Carpet One Floor & Home has moved into its fourth location: a 17,000 square-foot showroom in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Marc Wien’s three sons, Matt, Ryan and Nate, have also joined the business.

Marshall Carpet One Floor & Home Store Front

Being a part of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative has given the Wien’s the opportunity to expand their product offerings and integrate new technologies that keep them ahead of the competition. This is a priority for Marc’s three sons.

“Through the years, they've updated us with social media, website design, email, technology and mobile measuring,” Chuck said. “My brother and I would not be capable of doing what they’ve done with the upgraded technology and the operational efficiency.”

In addition to carpet and flooring, the store also houses a collection of over 1,000 area rugs. Though it seems like a lot to do under one roof, Matt Wien, Product Specialist, says they prefer to keep the store in one location.

“We fully believe that if you spread yourself too thin, you lose quality control. We want to be able to keep as much under one roof as possible so we can make sure that the quality is synonymous with the type of customer service that our grandfather, Marshall, built the company on,” Matt explained. “With myself and my brothers now working here, my father and Chuck have been able to teach us the level of service our customers expect, which allows us to uphold that and ensure that, in fact, those criteria are being met.”

Marshall’s joined the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative back in 1991 and they’ve never looked back since, according to Chuck.

“Back then, I thought it was very relevant and it continues to prove its relevance today. Their buying power and associations are incredibly helpful. For us to be a part of a bigger buying group allows us to compete with the big box stores,” Chuck Wien said. “And to be honest, I felt back then, if we didn't join, my competitor was going to join, which didn’t sit right with me. I wanted to be the first one to dive in in Cleveland.”

Chuck listed the benefits that they now have being a part of a cooperative: “Their buying power, the brands that they bring to us, their knowledge, their resources, it goes on and on.”

Additionally, Chuck values the originality of Carpet One stores, as each one is independent of the other and free to carry various products and displays.

“We're not like McDonald's where the menu is the same or Home Depot where every aisle is the same, so if you go into the different members’ showrooms, you see different displays and different products,” Chuck said. “It's a broad spectrum and we have the freedom to pick what works for us.”

Having grown up in the store, Matt’s transition to working here was smooth. “I grew up playing underneath the racks, crawling across the showroom floor, playing hide-and-go-seek with my brothers inside the showroom, playing tag in the back warehouse and climbing on top of the carpet rolls,” Matt remembered. “I've known this my whole life. I've always felt comfortable here.”

According to Matt, CCA’s corporate office is always within easy reach, the true mark of an invaluable relationship: “If we ever have a question or an idea, or simply want to run something by someone, we know the right people to call.”

“Chuck was just [in Manchester] yesterday visiting with Howard about an opportunity that came across his desk and Howard said, ‘Well, why don't you come in and let's talk about it in person?’ That's the type of people that Carpet One has brought in to run CCA Global, which makes us feel seen and heard,” Matt said. 

“Having an email conversation or a phone call is great but being able to sit down with someone one-on-one -- especially the CEO of a multi-billion dollar organization -- is extremely important. Having the flexibility to sit down with my uncle, listen to his idea and hear him out -- I mean, that says a lot about the organization and that's why it makes us proud to be a partner with CCA Global.”