Leading Forward With Technology: Our Digital Team

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Have you ever wondered who is behind all of the web and content creation? Take a look inside our digital team and meet our friendly digital coordinators.

As the world becomes more and more digital, it is important for companies to have a strong digital team to keep up to date on the latest trends in online consumption, technological updates and website creation. Our digital team here at CCA Global Partners has been crucial in caring for our members online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic, staying on top of CDC guidelines for stores, posting important information to social media and keeping our members connected to their customers in a safe, online-friendly fashion.


The One Stop Digital Program which debuted at the Carpet One Floor & Home summer convention in 2015, assists our members in managing their online presence. This includes Local Listings Management across over 100 search engines, as well as Reputation Monitoring and SEO analytics.

Since then, the digital program has grown and the projects have expanded to include a new program for members in the Flooring America/Flooring Canada, Floor Trader and International Design Guild divisions.

According to Erica Metcalf, Traffic Project Manager, optimizing businesses through website updates, content creation and social media marketing is more essential than ever before in this new normal.

“In a world where digital is becoming more and more important, it is critical for businesses to ensure that they are optimized online across the board,” Erica said. “So whether that is through new or fresh content on their microsites, or through the local listings, we’re here to help.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it was important for stores to have an online presence and a way for consumers to shop at home. Those businesses in the digital program had less to worry about as the team worked nonstop to provide updates for their websites.

“The pandemic caused a lot of companies and businesses to scramble to put together a web presence, but those who are in One Stop Digital didn't have to stress,” Nicolette Gosselin, Marketing Specialist said. “We made sure to stay on top of any store hour or information updates. A team like ours elevates the stress and takes the guess work out.”


Social media became a means for businesses to communicate with customers, allowing people to finance and shop from home. Social Media Content Coordinator Samantha Mackenzie explained that while she doesn’t directly engage with members, she’s played a large role in helping to set up their store’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


“Our team’s position is definitely a priority in the mission of CCA because the world has become more and more digital throughout the pandemic and events of 2020,” Sam said. “With more time being spent at home and more time being spent on social media sites than ever before, social media is hugely important in the world of business.”

In tandem with social media is content creation which involves keeping members local sites up to date with the latest product trends and store history. Content writing is in constant flux with the changing times, but it is crucial in building brand awareness.

“This work is fluid and always evolving,” Digital Content Coordinator April Guilmet explained. “Each page is customized to reflect the unique needs of the region and its clientele, emphasizing the uniqueness of every respective member and helping them share their ‘story’ with the world.”


With the new digital program for Flooring America/Flooring Canada, Floor Trader and International Design Guild, the digital team experienced a few internal shifts this year. It was crucial for the team to be in constant communication with one another in order to create a seamless experience for members receiving content and web help.

“Communication has been key this past year,” Sam said. “With job roles shifting, it’s been important to reach out whenever you have a question or idea to make sure you’re understanding a new process put into play and to suggest your own new processes to streamline the workload.”

Overall, though, the relationship between our strong team of web writers, designers and digital experts hasn’t changed much and if anything has led to more organization and strategic planning.

“The past year has provided a lot of change for our team and to our members. We have some new leadership and team members, but I think our relationship with each other hasn't changed,” Nicolette said. “If anything, we have learned how to communicate better. Having weekly Zoom meetings with our team has really helped up strive and stay on top of tasks. It has also contributed to better organization and efficiency.”

Looking ahead, April believes that digital marketing is a permanent fixture in the business landscape and will only continue to evolve as people adapt to new ways of doing business virtually.

“Digital communications are certainly here to stay: they're interwoven in the very fabric of everything we do,” April said. “This especially applies to our duties in the realm of digital commerce and marketing. As more and more business is conducted online, our work becomes even more important: crafting a responsive, compelling, and relevant digital presence is critical to our success and most importantly, our members' steady success.”