The CCA Way: Energizing the Team

Working at CCA CCA Global Partners

At CCA Global Partners we share a common philosophy called the CCA Way. This mission includes energizing the team through positive encouragement, engaging conversations and team motivation. 

What Does it Mean to Energize the Team?

Energizing the team means staying engaged with your co-workers and the work environment around you. To produce a successful workplace, we believe that you should be a passionate team player and create a positive family spirit.

Training Project Manager for CCA University Tim James explained what this philosophy means to him, saying that when teammates get caught up in the gritty details of their daily work, it’s important to reduce stress and make way for productivity by creating fun and lessening workloads.

“Someone can energize the team by removing [work] hang-ups and reduce friction so that work moves along faster, or someone can energize the team by bringing a positive attitude that infects those around them and helps them get locked in at work and have more fun,” Tim said.

One way he was able to apply this motivational strategy was by helping his teammates adjust to work-from-home technology and communications.

“I think working through zoom or other video conferencing software was confusing and intimidating for a lot of members of my team, and for a lot of people in general,” Tim explained. “I think that working with technology comes a little easier for me, and as a result, I was able to make it more accessible and easier for my teammates by assisting them in their webinars, providing my best practices, or simply by expressing confidence in our ability to deliver training online.”

Reminding your team that what you do is important and matters to a lot of people is another great way to keep teammates motivated, according to Client Experience Manager Becca Lara.

"Knowing that you’ve had a positive impact in someone’s day is a real joy, and sometimes people don’t stop to appreciate that when they absolutely should," Becca said. "My counterpart and I make sure to remind the team to take pride in their good work and the differences they are making."

How to Implement this Philosophy

Here at CCA Global Partners, we energize the team by motivating others to perform at a higher level and appeal to their goals. When we implement this practice into our everyday work routines, we find that our co-workers are more open-minded to growth and have the flexibility to share their new ideas.

For Adam Edwards, Event Manager at CCA Global Partners, motivating his team included entertaining group activities and keeping open conversations flowing with individual members.

“Energizing my team was all about finding ways to boost morale while also keeping up productivity,” Adam said. “That ranged anywhere from food days to team building projects and one-on-ones.  It’s important for anyone leading a team to understand that not everyone learns the same way and finding out what each team member needs from you to be successful is important when showing support to individuals.”

Another essential way to energize the team is by acknowledging others for good ideas, hard work, and success. When you validate other people’s work, it makes them feel seen and heard, allowing for more conversations and ideas to take root.

“Acknowledgment builds trust between managers and team members,” Adam explained. “It lets you know that if you do something well, others will know of your accomplishments and for anyone who is upwardly mobile, that’s extremely important.”

At CCA ,we encourage everyone to seek opinions, even when they diverge from our own or, perhaps, the popular opinion. This isn’t always comfortable, but can lead to constructive discussions and encourages open feedback amongst our co-workers.

By promoting honest conversations, we’ve found the work culture has benefitted positively, contributing to networking as ideas expand across departments. Employees are familiar with one another across divisions, no matter their managerial position or hierarchical status. Adam credits this openness to bringing about team energy.

“This is the longest I’ve ever been with a company before and that’s because of the culture at CCA,” Adam said. “This is the first place I’ve worked where executives around the building know my name even though I’ve never worked in their departments.  You have the opportunity at CCA to be noticed if you’re willing to put in the work and make the effort.”

Being an employee at CCA means constantly recognizing that you are a part of something larger than yourself.

“It’s quite interesting working for an organization like CCA, where our internal teams can often function like traditional office environments, but we support thousands of small and family businesses that are all unique,” Tim noted. “While our day-to-day work can sometimes seem monotonous or repetitive in the office, we are supporting entrepreneurs who are running around, putting out fires, working with customers, visiting jobs sites, and managing new issues every day.”