Innovia Coop Gives Local Community Management Companies Tools to Succeed

Who We Are Innovia Co-op

At CCA Global Partners, our divisions run the gamut when it comes to making strides in the business world. We have numerous companies that stretch from the flooring industry to home design to education to local biking stores and management. But, perhaps one of the most innovative business initiatives to rise out of CCA is the Innovia Community Management Cooperative.


Founded in 2012 by seven community management companies across the United States, Innovia Co-op has quickly grown into a collection of community management companies working to expand their local focus and beat out the larger-scaled chains. Shared purchasing power, marketing support and network benefits are just a few of the many perks that Innovia Co-op members have at their fingertips on a daily basis.




Innovia’s mission is to help independently owned community management companies access training and resources that larger management companies use to their advantage.


Alongside this protected peer-to-peer alliance where companies feel safe to share and learn, Innovia members have access to products and services used within the day-to-day operating needs of their company’s operation —this includes their clients and the homeowners living in the communities they manage.


Innovia’s Marketing Manager Colin VanDenBerghe believes that not only has Innovia created a safe space for management companies looking to expand and network, but it also provides them with industry solution partnerships. These industry leading solution providers are familiar with Innovia’s members and are better able to help them achieve their objectives.


“It’s our mission to provide members with the opportunity to grow their business year over year with direct access to valuable industry solution partnerships, a strong network of like-minded businesses, focused marketing support and much more,” Colin said.


Innovia’s collection of member companies work together in a private environment to help each other succeed, sharing experiences and successes to help the greater group.

“Our co-op can be leveraged in many different ways, based on a member’s need, to improve operational efficiencies and generate consistent growth…” Colin said. “The marketing support we provide members is also a very important aspect of Innovia’s offering, giving members the opportunity to receive regular marketing consultations to help optimize branding/online reputation and lead generation efforts.”


Nick Zuccala, the Director of Innovia Co-op explained that no matter the size of your community management company, you can benefit from the cooperative’s tools and resources.


“Although not all members are 'small businesses;, they all benefit from the products and services through the co-op,” Nick noted. “It’s imperative to ensure continued success in a consolidating market.”


With the last year of lockdowns and quarantines, Innovia Co-op has not been able to host their bi-annual summit. Thanks to communications technologies such as Zoom and Webex, however, members are still staying connected.


“The work from home environment has forced everyone to interact differently,” Nick said. “I’ve personally had more face time with our members than ever before because of Zoom becoming the new normal. As much as I look forward to the next in-person summit we host, it’s been great being able to connect through Zoom.”


There is such a thing as Zoom-fatigue, though, and Innovia Co-op members are eager to get back to their face-to-face networking sessions such as the bi-annual Summits that Innovia hosts.



As the Innovia team looks ahead into 2021, there are many projects in the works. Innovia is in the middle of planning an upcoming launch for several new community management industry specific programs. These programs will benefit members with their added value, cost reductions and new revenue potential. In order to ensure greater member success for member management companies to better manage their clients in this fast-paced digital world Innovia has recently partnered with Vantaca to create a software user group. Facilitating the user group experience for members is an example of how the cooperative structure helps small businesses reap the advantages of large clients.