Who Are CCA Members?

Who We Are CCA Global Partners

With more than 2,800 retailers nationwide, 20,000 childcare centers and 1 million small businesses benefiting from our businesses, CCA Global Partners is a jack of many trades. But you might be wondering, who are CCA Global Partners members and what do they do? Well our members are far-reaching, extending from flooring store owners to independent business owners to community leaders, and more. 

As a cooperative, we are on a mission to fuel all fourteen of our divisions with innovation, buying power and sustainability to grow. We have a strong network of members, willing to share business strategies, industry information and knowledge. It is due to the power of these members that our company continues to grow and navigate the fast-paced consumer market.

Flooring Store Owners

Within CCA we have several flooring store and home furnishing divisions including Carpet One Floor & Home, Flooring America/Flooring Canada, The Floor Trader, the FEI Group, and ProSource Wholesale. Each of these retailers caters to a unique group of home design consumers. Through their collective buying power, these flooring store owners have access to elite brands in the floor covering industry and are able to offer their customers lower price points.

For instance, Goedecke Flooring & Design Center, who joined the Flooring America division back in 2002 said, “If we hadn’t joined Flooring America and didn’t have the private labeling to make leaps into remodeling, I wonder if we would still be here. We try to do as much as we can through the co-op. All of our main lines (cabinets, window treatments, flooring, etc.) are associated with Flooring America.”

Beyond flooring products, the ProSource Wholesale division provides exclusive opportunities for trade professionals and their customers to complete successful projects. With 148 showrooms in North America, ProSource works to ensure the success of trade professionals by connecting people, products and projects with low operating costs.

“The networking of knowledge and vendors and things that we have available to us —they bring power to the brand that I don't think an individual owner or operator outside of the system can necessarily benefit from,” Melissa Pancner of ProSource Birmingham said.

Bicycle Store Owners

Also included in our CCA Global Partners membership are bicycle store owners. Founded in 2003, The Bike Cooperative unites local bike shops from across the country to create the solutions at scale to drive bike shops’ success. With unique resources such as Points of Sale systems, website and traffic management, the Bike Co-op provides tools to their members and keeps them up to date on the latest developments in the biking industry.

“Everyone at TBC has been fantastic to work with,” Steve Beheler, Manager of Spokes, Etc. Bicycles in Arlington, Virginia said. “The information they share is incredibly useful - financing stats, data, support for protection plans, etc). They're always willing to listen, and you absolutely get the feeling that they really do have our best interest in mind as a cooperative and as individual members.” 


Through our Lionsbridge Contractor GroupTM, we cater to general contractors. This is a cooperative of elite, fully licensed and insured general contractors, mitigation vendors, and roofing contractors dedicated to serving the property insurance industry. Our contractor members are highly experienced in all disciplines of insurance restoration and reconstruction work that results from severe weather and accidents in the home.

Lighting Store Owners

As the largest lighting and home decor cooperative in North America, our Lighting One® division has more than 320 lighting retailers. These members benefit from the power of the group while maintaining their independent ownership. Through the cooperative, many showrooms, now owned and operated by second- and third-generation family members, come together to purchase, network, and advertise. Coming together on common initiatives saves owners time and money and helps the independent lighting channel effectively compete against the national brands and online retailers.

Independent Business Owners

CCA’s independent business owner members range from community management companies to sports retailers. Through the Innovia Co-op, we are able to bring together North America’s most talented and progressive community association management companies and self-managed homeowner associations to empower an efficient, effective, and profitable future. 

Our CCA Sports Retail Services cooperative, on the other hand, unites sports retailers with powerful tools and substantial cost savings that enable independent active-lifestyle retailers to increase their profitability and propel their business to the next level.

For businesses looking to save money, CCA's Savings4Members division provides exclusive access to savings opportunities through their programs. These programs help businesses save on everything from email marketing to credit card processing to shipping and uniforms.

Of course, near and dear to the heart of all of our members is staying up to date on the latest technology. The most recent addition to the CCA Global Partners family, our DRIVE division focuses on helping independent retailers across multiple industry verticals drive more leads, close more sales, and elevate the way they communicate with customers across digital and direct-to-consumer marketing.

Community Leaders

Last but certainly not least, CCA Global Partners’ members are community leaders. With our CCA For Social Good initiative, we help nonprofits and childcare organizations unlock resources and invest in advancing their missions. Created in response to a resounding call for assistance from the nonprofit and early childhood education and care sectors, CCA For Social Good was established to create smart systems that help these organizations realize their benefits of scale.  

By strengthening nonprofits’ administrative functions and providing them with relief through quality knowledge and curated resources, we’ve been able to help thousands of members. As a result, local communities can better benefit from the essential services these members provide, continuing on the path of sustainable growth.