Get To Know Our Members First Marketing Team

Who We Are CCA Global Partners

You’ve heard the old saying, your brand is only as good as your marketing team? Well, fortunately our retail marketing team is excellent.

Here at CCA Global Partners we strive to bring expertise in-house by hiring dedicated professionals who specialize in their field to deliver really outstanding service to our members. 

Our retail marketing group plays a significant role in creating brand awareness for our divisions and makes sure that we are constantly progressing forward with the latest technology, research, data and content.



CCA’s retail marketing group is known as Members First Marketing, an in-house digital agency dedicated to putting our members needs first. Within the Members First Marketing team, we have designated Centers of Excellence, each managed by a different director who leads their team in their specialized area, while still keeping each brand’s unique voice.

“It's been structured really carefully to ensure that we get the best of the functional experts and don't lose the distinctiveness of each of the brands,” Senior Vice President of Marketing Bevin Andrews explained.

According to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Advertising Frank Chiera, the goal of Members First Marketing is to, “provide a platform for our members that allows them to have the services of a world-class marketing agency but at the fraction of the cost and with a lot more speed and skin in the game.” 


In Members First Marketing, Bevin oversees the Carpet One Floor & Home brand as well as analytics and insight, paid digital programs and member paid programs.

As one of the newest Centers of Excellence, analytics and insight lead by Jesse Horwath has provided CCA divisions with new information on how to improve their performance. Jesse’s team implements business analytics, sales analysis, member dashboards, trend forecasting and consumer research that helps members forecast their sales and increase profits.

“Data has been utilized at CCA for ProSource and a little bit of retail in a multitude of ways but there's a ton of opportunity for improvement,” Jesse explained. “There's just so many things that we can use data for that has been underutilized.”

“Some of the transparency and the work he's done has given us insight to the performance of our business, the effectiveness of our marketing programs, what's going on with the consumer, what's going on with the members has been so valuable,” Bevin said. “It really illustrates the power of the co-op because we wouldn't have that data if we didn't have such a big group of stores that we could draw from.”

Alongside Bevin, Frank Chiera will be in charge of brand awareness for Flooring America/Flooring Canada, The Floor Trader and International Design Guild divisions. Additionally, he’ll manage the web, innovation and marketing technology, and CRM/DRIVE division

“We want to put our members first in search-marketing, first in consumer reviews, first in digital activation, first in all of these services that they can't get on their own” Frank said. “Now that we are sort of perched over top of the brands, we can make sure that if we've got a good idea or Carpet One's got a good idea, they don't just get mashed up and homogenized but that they stay distinct in terms of their brand voice and brand position.”

The rest of the content and communications will be overseen by Vice President of Communications and PR Terri Daniels. Under her jurisdiction is PR, organic social, content and member communications. 


In a time of unprecedented events, the Members First Marketing group rose to the challenge and even surpassed their goals for the year, tirelessly working to get ahead on projects and initiatives for the members.

“We were able to see that we were able to get things out and launched to members in weeks or months —things that may have been on our radar screen for a year or two down the road,” Bevin said. “I think everybody was surprised by how quickly and seamlessly the teams all adapted.”


In addition to the volume of new creative that was put out, the team also worked to roll out new tools that facilitated virtual shopping and consumer shopping from home which helped customers stay safe during COVID-19. 

Bevin credits CCA’s work culture for the retail group’s ability to make the quick switch to work-from-home during the pandemic.

“We have such a strong culture and we all had a really solid foundation for that type of work,” Bevin said. “It made us that much more effective when we had to make that switch.”