CCA Global Partners Retail Group Gains Jennifer DeGloma As the New VP of Retail Merchandising

Working at CCA CCA Global Partners

A story of entrepreneurial spirit and creative design, get to know CCA Retail Group's new Vice President of Merchandising, Jenn DeGloma.

Some people have an eye for design from the very beginning, and that’s Jenn DeGloma. She has been designing interiors ever since she was three-years old —well designing in a broader sense, if you count locking your parents out of your bedroom to push around furniture. A graduate of Florida State University with a degree in interior design, Jenn has been a student, an entrepreneur, an interior designer and a director of product design and development. 

Now, Jenn will bring her combined expertise to the CCA Global Partners Retail Group in her role as their new Vice President of Retail Merchandising.

Jenn, who’s resume reads more like a book, has done everything from starting her own interior design business to designing products for big name stores like Michaels, Starbucks and Hobby Lobby. She’s become quite the jet setter, travelling around the globe to source design inspiration. With her rich history across multiple product categories from flooring to four-wall, she’s carefully culled her merchandising proficiency. 

Jenn has never followed one straight path and seeks adventure in finding new challenges. She reflects, “The second you feel comfortable, you should be looking at how do I become uncomfortable. I've built most of my career on that activity.”

According to Jenn, she was drawn to work for CCA Global Partners for three main reasons: the culture, the membership and the impact of product design.

“The long-term tenure, just seeing how much people love this company and how much they love their colleagues and the people around them —that’s amazing,” Jenn said.

She noted that even though CCA Global Partners has been a long-standing company in the flooring industry, they aren’t afraid to break the mold in favor of making progress and building success for their members. 

“For someone who's an established company to say I want to be a disruptor, that was a huge draw for me because I can take the experience of having worked for a 150-year-old company and then a 5-year-old company and combine it here. It’s a pretty cool opportunity,” Jenn said.

Being a past interior designer herself, Jenn has experience with CCA’s retail products and has installed products from Flooring America and Carpet One Floor & Home in her own designs.

“I actually placed our products in my customers’ homes over the years from both Flooring America and Carpet One stores,” Jenn explained. “I landed in product design sort of by accident. I was already custom designing a lot of products for my customers and just got a reach out from someone who had seen my LinkedIn profile and that's how I got into product development.”

When it comes to flooring, Jenn is fascinated by the storyline, believing that there’s a true connection between personal lifestyle and the flooring product itself.

“Your personal story is tied into the selection you make and it's a huge investment in your home,” Jenn noted. “It's not like throw pillows or items that are addons. This is a necessary product for your home. There's a lot more thought that goes into it and therefore a lot more thought goes into the merchandising of it as well.”

In her role, Jenn will be working alongside Vice President of Digital Merchandising Cathey Gundlach Links on the many factors surrounding moving a product onto the market. Jenn herself, will work with her merchandising team in the St. Louis office to create the physical product selection and curation of products.

“My job is to work with the members, see what's going on in the markets, see what's going on in the stores, help them with merchandising because merchandising is a lot more than just how things are sitting in a store,” Jenn explained. 

With her background in trends and supply chain on a global scale, Jenn is entering the flooring industry in a pivotal time and hopes to put her expertise to use. She will be an integral part of the CCA Global Retail Brands leadership team, and it is a bright road ahead.