CCA Coop’s For a Better World’s Kaeleigh Barker Named 40 Under 40 by Union Leader

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Part of our amazing mission here at CCA Global Partners is empowering our own entrepreneurs in house. One such business leader, Kaeleigh Barker was recently named in New Hampshire Union Leader’s 40 Under 40. Kaeleigh began her journey with CCA Global Partners back in 2005 when she was a research analyst intern for the company under co-CEO and co-founder Howard Brodsky.

Since then, Kaeleigh has expanded her horizons working on cooperative initiatives at CCA, leading production of the internationally shared videos #Work4Coops and releasing the first of its kind, universally designed training module for the cooperative business community. She also has spearheaded the project Cooperatives for a Better World, which is a global nonprofit that focuses on elevating the shared ownership model to combat the widening wealth gap.

According to Kaeleigh, all of her incredible work begins with the mission statement of CCA Global Partners to help entrepreneurs and small business owners find and sustain success.

“It gives a natural inspiration to both my work and the inspired reception of others when they learn about what we do,” Kaeleigh explained. “Being thought of, brought in by leadership and trusted to bring to life special projects has been an invigorating experience.”

Her experience, in fact, has brought her to many places around the globe from Canada to the United Kingdom to Rwanda where she has met with business leaders cooperative business leaders, shared ideas, and promoted the broader cooperative movement with her participation with several global working groups organized by the International Co-operative Alliance.

“It has given deeper introspection, more authenticity, and scope to our strategic vision as we have received feedback and been able to see other countries make our assets their own,” Kaeleigh said. “The deeper we understand the broader shared ownership business ecosystem, the more strategic we can be and the more personal and connected our story becomes.”

When Kaeleigh found out about the award in the middle of December, she said she felt incredibly shocked.

“The nomination alone was a great compliment and honor, but the actual win surprised me, I did not expect it, and was very humbled,” Kaeleigh noted.

Not only is Kaeleigh involved in CCA’s impact has a cooperative, but she’s become an avid leader among the New Hampshire business community writ large.

Locally, Kaeleigh is collaborating with SNHU on certificate programming to support cooperative and shared ownership professionals, and with St. Anselm’s College to put on regional Shared Ownership Forums. She is a member of the Board of Advisors of Stay Work Play, representing CCA Global Partners, providing the organization with high-level, strategic input regarding scope, direction and theme of recruitment and retention initiatives and trends in employer talent needs in New Hampshire. She is a 2020 graduate of Leadership Greater Manchester through the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and also sits on the Board of Directors of the Data Commons Cooperative.


Coops for a Better World currently has some projects in the works including a strategic connection with the first cooperative start-up business accelerator in the United States: Their goal is to to join forces in fulfilling the mission of raising the awareness of cooperatives across the country and to further support the development and acceleration of new cooperative businesses in the coming economic recovery.

“We are really focused on meaningful projects that will charge a public relations and marketing strategy to promote engagement with these two organizations,” Kaeleigh explained.

Despite the challenges that faced the world in 2020, Kaeleigh believes that the cooperative community is heading in a good direction this year and has a strong support system behind it.

“2021 is going to be an interesting year for any business,” Kaeleigh surmised. “But working with great leaders and strategic partners we look to generate new audiences and invigorate the engagement among existing through storytelling initiatives, shared asset generation, and publicity.”