Giving Back To the Manchester Community: Our Big Brothers Big Sisters Program

Who We Are CCA Global Partners

Giving back to our Manchester community is a big part of CCA Global Partners overall mission. As such, beginning about eight years ago, CCA Global Partners joined forces with the Wilson Street School and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire program in Manchester to launch a satellite Big Brothers Big Sisters program at our office. With this program, CCA staff had the opportunity to become mentors for kids ages first through fifth grade, giving them opportunities to explore the cooperative workplace and the Manchester community as a whole.



The Big Brothers Big Sisters program took care of the entire matching process, assigning CCA Bigs to Littles in their elementary school years. Littles were nominated for the program by social workers, teachers and family members.  At its height, the CCA Big Brothers Big Sisters program had 26 Bigs and 26 Littles, with a majority of them meeting in office on a bi-weekly basis.



After school, the kids would be dropped off at the Manchester office for an hour and half. Before the kids went home for the day, their Bigs would assist them to grab a backpack buddy to take home which included a gallon-sized Ziploc bag full of fresh fruits, vegetables and to-go snacks. This backpack buddy idea came about after some of the Bigs realized that the snacks they provided after school were sometimes the last meal the kids had in a day.


In addition to the after-school program, CCA has provided to the Little’s and their family the necessities needed to cook a full Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner.  2020 was the first time in eight years that the CCA Big Brothers Big Sisters program wasn’t able to provide a Thanksgiving dinner due to pandemic health-code restrictions and complicated guidelines.



As the pandemic has stretched on, many Bigs and Littles resorted to video conference meetings, using platforms like Zoom and WebEx to stay connected in place of their bi-weekly visits to CCA.


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