CCA University is Recognized as a Top 100 Training Program

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CCA Global University was recently recognized as one of the nations Top 100 Training programs as they provide our members with the education and training tools necessary to be successful sales professionals and business leaders.

Here at CCA Global Partner’s we are lucky to house our own expert team of trainers with CCA's University. This team typically spends a tremendous amount of time on the road training in members in different divisions across the country, but this year their programming looked a bit different.

When planes were grounded last spring, CCA University had to re-imagine their training program and come up with alternative modes of virtual communication. As a team, the University transitioned their programming online, creating a virtual convention and even designing a mobile app for learning on the go.



According to their Senior Director of Retail Consulting Training Operations, Bill Gauthier, this virtual learning actually contributed to a spike in trainings.

“What we have learned is that we can educate more people and that is huge. The individualization has increased, as well,” Bill said.

With a small team of only nine members, CCA Global University not only gives the members at CCA an opportunity for growth, but poses new challenges for the team to overcome as well.

“The team has really focused on their own development,” Nicole Harding, Vice President of CCA University explained. “They were learning new platforms. We kept learning while we were teaching and supporting. It's certainly different. You can't do the same things and expect a different result.

At the end of 2020, CCA University was recognized as one of the top 100 training programs nationwide with a 2021 Training Top 100 designation by Training Magazine. After rolling out their updated FAST START program, CCA University has quickly climbed to the top of virtual training programs across the country. This virtual five-day course provides sales professionals with the skills to understand standards of performance and helps professionals master improved customer interactions and business success. The program covers subjects from building business to boosting key sales metrics to strengthening brand knowledge and everything in between.


CCA University’s Director of Training and Development Geoffrey Eichhorn believes that this recognition was a true testament to the quality of relationships that have been built through these programs.

“Each and every one of us has so much passion about adult learning and adult training and changing behaviors and that's just great to get that recognition,” Geoff said. “And its not just for the nine of us, it really speaks volumes for CCA and all of our divisions and the stores out there. We've all created this thing from their feedback to what we've introduced and it just works so beautifully together.”

Throughout the pandemic, University employees worked tirelessly to improve communication and be mindful of financial burdens that many members were facing during this pandemic.

Bill credits not the quantity of their programming but the quality as a reason that they won this award.

“I think we've accomplished so much in so little time but conversely I think it's the quality that we've presented,” Bill said. “Because we are so close to our members, we know what they need and they tell us and we're able to quickly respond to their needs but also provide high-quality because we know very clearly what they're expecting.”

At the beginning of lockdown, CCA University created more live events such as their Facebook Live stream training session. With more members working from home and feeling disconnected from their coworkers, these Facebook Livestreams were well attended.

“They needed that connection and it felt so good to have that. It was the engagement and the connection that kept them going,” CCA University’s Director of Training and Development Geoffrey Eichhorn said.


Team spirit is a huge part of the work environment at the University and according to Nicole, they like to end each week highlighting the positives outcomes and what has gone right in their world.

“It's a requirement for the team, it's part of our culture that every week on Friday, we all talk about What's Good,” Nicole explained. “We work on problems all the time —what's wrong. But we have a commitment to always end each week with a focus on what's good and celebrate those things.”

As the University prepares for its 2021 training programs, they will continue to be transparent with their members and look forward to creating flexible trainings that allow for more attendance and connection.

“What I would like to see going forward is really just continuing to keep people engaged and to be flexible and nimble so that we can shift and change with what people need,” Nicole said. “And understanding what they need is changing so we're teaching people how to do virtual consultations or how to show their floor virtually... By staying connected to the members and by listening to them so that we can be able to make it happen whatever it is —even if you don't know what it is at the moment.”