Employee's Benefit from Our Live Well. Be Well. Wellness Program

Working at CCA CCA Global Partners

One of the best parts of working for CCA Global Partners is the amazing benefits that they give their employees. One of these incredible benefits is the Live Well. Be Well. program, a health and wellness program designed to keep individuals active, mindful and living a healthy lifestyle. 

The program began at CCA back in 2013 and was created to help employees meet their personal goals no matter what size of challenge.

Each employee has access to the wellness program through their website and the Virgin Pulse app which lets them track everything from how many steps they've taken in a day to regular healthy habits. With their cards feature, Live Well. Be Well. also teaches individuals new things, gathering ideas just for them on meditation tips, healthy recipes and simple exercises.

This purely voluntary program curates a unique experience for each participant through it’s secure website that uses a variety of wellness tools like risk assessments, nutrition and physical activity trackers to deliver programming tailored to each individual.

While we’re constantly being told what to do, how to eat and how to lose weight, the goal of CCA’s Live Well. Be Well. program is to create a safe space based on our employees individual wellness goals be it eating better or developing a regular exercise routine.


On top of their wellness journey, employees are rewarded with Virgin Pulse cash up to $300 and prizes along the way. With additional generous incentives such as a $350 reduction on medical premiums and award levels for engagement, employees are not only able to reach their goals, but can also receive benefits from them. Even better, our employees don't have to complete their journey alone as the wellness program is designed to be interactive with employee’s peers, spouses, significant others and friends. The incentive path is structured to have plenty of options to reach the maximum reward level. 

In a time where many of us are working from home, exercise is often the last thing on our minds. Our employees have found that the Live Well. Be Well. program helps them focus on awareness, prevention, education, and daily activities designed just for them so that they can maintain a healthy work-life balance.