International Co-ops Day at CCA

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International Co-ops Day is a big day for CCA Global Partners as it celebrates the democratic values of the cooperative business model.


Guest Blogger | Kaeleigh Barker


CCA Global Partners is proud to celebrate International Co-ops Day with cooperative businesses everywhere!

Celebrated on the first Saturday in July, International Co-ops Day is a United Nations sanctioned holiday that often coincides with our own Independence Day. This gives us and our community double the reason to celebrate! Cooperatives embrace the democratic values of the business model and that of which our country was founded.


What We Are Celebrating

As we emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic, cooperatives could not play a more pivotal role. With social, economic, and environmental justice and sustainability in such a spotlight, it is important to recognize cooperatives’ contributions to rebuilding better together.

Today we celebrate being a cooperative. CCA Global, much like cooperatives everywhere, uniquely operates on the principle that one member equals one vote. This gives our members equal voice across the organization. Our members are the heart and soul of our organization. That is why we organize how we do business around them, unlike other conventional business models that prioritize the voices of outside shareholders. Our members are independent, family-owned businesses operating across a number of industries and in four countries. Their voice and their success are imperative to the greater success of CCA as a whole. Our members and our values —that is what we are here to celebrate!


Unlike conventional corporations, cooperatives aim to meet member needs and focus on goals identified by the people, including social, economic, and environmental sustainability. 


Today, we also celebrate CCA Global Partners’ leadership in the global cooperative movement. Howard Brodsky, CCA’s Co-Founder, Chairman, and Co-CEO, is chairman of the Co-op 20, a new working group within the International Cooperative Alliance. The Co-op 20 contributed to the G20 Summit in Italy this year and is leading a global conversation on the impacts of shared ownership. Their goal is to ensure that international policymakers are including cooperatives in the social and economic global agenda. 


Led by Howard and the example of CCA, cooperative businesses are raising their hands to be recognized as pioneering leaders in building a better world through their business model. Conventional companies have been moving beyond shareholder primacy since 2019, when the Business Roundtable gathered the world’s most powerful CEOs and issued a statement that sought to redefine the role of business in society today. But long before big businesses took a hard look in the mirror, the ideals they outline have been playing out in cooperatives everywhere. This shared ownership model captures corporate responsibility and all stakeholders in its ownership structure, enabling these businesses to make a far more substantial impact on their communities than a conventional business structure. 


CCA Global Partners is thinking about every inspired entrepreneur and small business owner in its operations. Its global leadership is putting the spotlight on all cooperative businesses utilizing shared ownership to better power the economy, build community, and positively impact people’s lives. 


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