Employee Spotlight of Geoffrey Eichhorn

Working at CCA CCA Global Partners

Meet our Employee of the Month Geoffrey Eichhorn and learn about his fifteen years with the company as the dedicated Director of Training and Development at CCA University.

As the Director of Training and Development at CCA Global Partners University, Geoffrey Eichhorn has been with the company for many years —15 to be exact —and according to him, he's loved every second of it. Raised in a family that owned a third-generation hardware store, Geoffrey was drawn to work at CCA because of our mission to support independently owned, local businesses. 

"I was recruited by a former colleague, but the big selling point was that we support independently owned businesses," Geoffrey said. "That's close to home for me."

In joining the CCA University team, Geoffrey not only found a place to use his education skills but also gets to apply his love for learning daily.

"I'm a bit of an adult learning geek, having been in Learning & Development most of my adult life, so for me [my favorite part is] definitely working with members and sales professionals to transform how they conduct business and engage customers," Geoffrey said.


Geoffrey says that the best part about his job is developing training with the University, as he can interact with members and staff across all divisions. 

"We have an amazing, dedicated team, so it's great to brainstorm with them in the initial planning stages of creating a training program, through the writing of the program, and well into the facilitation of the training," Geoffrey said. 

This past year, CCA University placed in the top 100 Training programs in the nation. A significant moment in his career, Geoffrey recalls what it was like to find out that his team had won such a prestigious award.

"Each of us contributed to that victory," Geoffrey explained. "That award is really quite an honor in our field."

His favorite time of year happens every autumn when CCA begins planning its Halloween festivities. As a long-time member of the Halloween Committee, Geoffrey has helped plan celebrations from costume contests to murder mysteries.

"Working with the Halloween Committee in the Manchester office is a highlight every year," Geoffrey said. 

Outside of work, Geoffrey has a lively social life. It's no office secret that he is an avid musical theater fan, but he also has a hidden love for jazz music.

"Jazz is my favorite form of music," Geoffrey said. "Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane – legends in music. I loved studying the evolution of jazz in college, and still to this day, I find it captivating. I love the improvisation of a great jazz jam session – no set rhythm, but everyone contributes and compliments each other – just as life should be."

Many new faces were added to the company roster during a year of work-from-home due to the global pandemic. As the office opens back up, Geoffrey encourages new employees to get to know the cooperative better through genuine curiosity and open conversations.

"Walk around, say hello, and ask questions," Geoffrey said. "This company is full of so many different divisions and job responsibilities. Everyone plays an important role in supporting our cooperative."

Learning, of course, is the key objective to this mantra, and luckily for Geoffrey in his position, the learning never ends. He enjoys this, and his advice to young professionals is to find a career that you're passionate about.

"Do not stay in a career you don't enjoy," Geoffrey advised. "Find your passion and work it. You control your destiny."