ProSource of Dulles: Your One-Stop-Shop for Builders, Contractors, and Designers

Member Stories

Take a deep dive into CCA Global Partner's ProSource division by getting to know one of our most successful owners at ProSource of Dulles in Loudon County, Virginia.

In 1991, CCA Global Partner's co-founder Alan Greenberg created the ProSource Wholesale business model to establish a place solely for trade professionals. Based on the cooperative structure, ProSource offers name-brand home improvement products at lower prices due to our more extensive buying power. 

Our mission is to help trade professionals and their clients complete successful products while working in tandem. Each ProSource showroom is members-only, with 145 showrooms nationwide. When trade professionals join, they are assigned a dedicated account manager to work closely with and ensure their clients' satisfaction with quality products throughout the process.

Our list of trade professionals extends from builders to architects to interior designers. Both residential and commercial consumers turn to ProSource for access to exclusive wholesale showrooms and the expertise of our dedicated account managers.

With ProSource's online, comprehensive project management service, trade professionals can track their project from inspiration, product selection, design advice, and budget.


Each of our showrooms has access to products from top name brands like Shaw Floors, Emser Tile, Kitchen Craft Cabinetry, James Martin Vanities, and so much more. 

But you can't fully understand ProSource without meeting our dedicated owners. We spoke with Yali Lu, the co-owner of one of our highest-growth showrooms in the country, the ProSource of Dulles, who joined ProSource as a franchise back in 2016. 

Yali's story is unique as she came into the trade professional industry with little experience and has made vast strides in creating a successful business. Aside from her rigorous research, Yali didn't know much about the industry.

"I was a professional corporate finance kind of gal...but always had an entrepreneurial heart," Yali explained. "[I] ended up moving to D.C. to manage the business full-time. It worked out for the best. It was the perfect decision for our later success."

Alongside her partner Juan Figuereo (who also came from a corporate finance background), Yali decided to invest in the ProSource business model upon meeting ProSource President Eric Bernstein and his fellow teammates at corporate.

"We were sold on the spot," Yali recalls. "You feel it, and that feeling you cannot fake it. They're all amazingly passionate about what they do... They're very supportive. They pick up a call anytime you call; they give you whatever you want. It's the entire supporting environment that's amazing."


Since taking on the business, the ProSource of Dulles has grown not only in success but also as a team. As one of the highest net-profit showrooms, Yali credits her business's success to the staff. 

"There's nothing possible without the team I have built there," Yali said. "My general manager started from warehouse to account manager to now general manager. We were one of the highest growth showrooms in the nation. So, every month we've been receiving some sort of recognition on the market, but it's all the team —I deserve nothing without them."

Although the pandemic proved to be a scary time for many, Yali said that the home improvement projects did not slow down. 

"During this time, we didn't give up," Yali said. "We were still calling members and making regular prospecting phone calls, we kept our routine."

According to Yali, their main concern during the COVID-19 outbreak was ensuring that everyone was financially cared for. This involved making sacrifices to guarantee that there were no pay cuts to their employee's salaries.

"The way we structured it, we tried to make everyone feel secure," Yali explained. "For people making hourly or not as much, we made sure that their pay didn't get impacted because our bottom line is that everyone needs to have a roof first."


Much of their business today is still done by word-of-mouth, and since they deal with high-end, high-quality products, designers, contractors, and builders like to come to them first for product assistance. This has led to a successful year of growth, even amidst the pandemic, which Yali hopes will carry them into the following year.

"The team is very stable right now. Nothing dramatic has changed," Yali said. "They're already thinking with the ProSource system, so we'll keep the same habits and keep growing."