Get to Know Our DRIVE Team

Working at CCA, Who We Are DRIVE

 One of the newest divisions here at CCA Global Partners is DRIVE which was established just a few short years ago in 2018. What began as an idea to provide a better marketing tool for our members has quickly grown into a customer-centric team of marketing technology subject matter experts. Tying together a custom CRM, email marketing automation, sales team collaboration tools, and on-demand reporting, DRIVE is on a mission to make the technological world a bit easier for our members to navigate.



Through a custom CRM, leads are delivered and managed by members in an environment designed specifically for flooring retailers. Collaboration tools allow sales teams to seamlessly work leads from capture to close. Customers are then delivered highly-personalized email campaigns with a goal of increasing conversion rates and sales. On-demand reporting provides managers & owners with real-time results anytime, anywhere. The DRIVE team takes a data driven approach to the customer experience, meaning that as members interact with customers and collect information, the experience both in-store and out becomes more personalized.


Since customers all have such varied profiles and potential, our DRIVE team believes that creating customized experiences will give our independent retailers the edge they need to compete in a fast-paced, automated world.


“Every day, our goal is making sure that DRIVE is fulfilling the mission of basically helping our members generate more sales,” Customer Success Manager Dave Soucy said. “That's the bottom line when you really come down to it: helping make the members lives easier and give the owners and managers quicker insight into the data of their store, to make sure leads are being followed up on.”


Working with both the Carpet One Floor & Home and Flooring America divisions, DRIVE maintains a platform that allows these members to analyze their sales, which has led to a significant boost in lead conversion and overall sales percentage.


With only seven employees on the DRIVE team, the team environment very much mimics that of a start-up as everyone has a specialized role but lends a hand across the entire division to ensure customer success and satisfaction. This is an impressive task for such a small team, considering that hundreds of member locations use the DRIVE platform.


As such an important technological hub of information, the DRIVE team crosses paths with many other divisions at CCA, not only Flooring America and Carpet One, but the IT department and CCA University. Their partnership with CCA University entails creating training initiatives and webinars for members learning to use the various tools DRIVE has to offer.


For a year as tumultuous as 2020, it was important for members to have a platform where they could access their data from outside the office. DRIVE was one of the reasons that Flooring America and Carpet One members were so successful during the pandemic.


Luckily DRIVE allowed the sales people who were working from home to still be able to go in and access their leads and still have all their data that they needed in front of them,” Dave said. “You can login to DRIVE from anywhere. With initiatives like Shop at Home, the Sample Box Program all being initiatives that we're really going to be pushing more going forward, I think DRIVE is going to be even more important for that.”


For lead Marketing Specialist Kelly Bartolo, providing members with the tools needed to be successful in their daily sales approaches is what makes it all worth it.


“I love seeing the success DRIVE brings to our members,” Kelly explained. “DRIVE is on the forefront of marketing technology as a tool for independent retailers and being able to provide this level of marketing to them, and know that it is improving their business, is very rewarding.”


When she thinks about the team culture, Kelly says she enjoys how genuine and passionate her colleagues are.


“It's like working with a group of very smart & talented friends,” Kelly noted. “Everyone on the team is not only very good at their job, but also a great person to be around.”


Salesforce Administrator Priya Karri agrees, saying that the environment within the team is very collaborative.


“I am really fortunate to be a part of the DRIVE team, since everyone on the team is very professional, collaborative and empathetic,” Priya said.


As DRIVE continues to expand, it’s efforts of transparency and member growth will only become that much more important. Their Customer Support Coordinator Jason Schneider says that this is the highlight of the job —giving members the opportunity for growth that they didn’t know they could achieve.


“My favorite part about working for DRIVE is that we have the chance to help a member with anything they need,” Jason said. “And to see their store reach areas of success that they haven't previously reached.”


Meet the full DRIVE team below:




Kelly Bartolo

As a Marketing Specialist, Kelly works strategically and creatively to deliver powerful marketing messages to customers through DRIVE's continuously evolving set of personalized email journeys.


Kellie Carvalho

Kellie Carvalho is responsible for DRIVE billing, invoicing and P&L management, DRIVE member communications, and assisting with DRIVE training materials and videos. 

Priya Karri

As a Salesforce Administrator on the DRIVE Team, Priya Karri is responsible for providing support and ongoing development of DRIVE’s Salesforce environment and its components.


Dave Soucy

As the Customer Success Manager at DRIVE, Dave works to onboard new Members onto the platform, manage Member success initiatives, provide ongoing support to end users and internal team members, and help our Members achieve all of the benefits DRIVE has to offer.

Jason Schneider

Jason is responsible for member DRIVE support, project planning and management, and assisting each member in maintaining a solidified understanding of DRIVE.


Evan Manley

As Customer Support Specialist, Evan is in charge of developing department projects and processes, tracking key project milestones, and creating initiatives to enhance DRIVE as CCA’s internal and external CRM platform.

Elvis Zukovic

In his role as Senior Director of Marketing Automation and CRM, Elvis heads up the DRIVE team and is responsible for innovation, strategy and development of DRIVE, all the while ensuring the member adoption and success within the platform.