The CCA Way: Keeping an Open Mind

Who We Are CCA Global Partners

Approaching accomplishment and business through the means of collaboration is a key principle here at CCA Global Partners. One of the ways that we are able to create a welcoming and positive work environment is through our CCA Way. The CCA way is our guideline to success and follows four key pillars of philosophy: keeping an open mind, energizing the team, showing respect and taking responsibility.

What Does Keeping an Open Mind Mean?

To keep an open mind means to be receptive, accessible and responsive to all situations. As teammates and employees of CCA, we encourage one another to speak up and share information that will help the whole team grow. 


A key part of keeping an open mind means being flexible to changes and adaptable to new situations as they arise. One teammate in the Flooring Canada division learned this lesson quickly when she became a business consultant right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I realized very early on that Keeping an Open Mind was key if I wanted to be successful in this new role during a global crisis,” Business Consultant for Flooring Canada Vanessa Scolaro said. “I became open to everyone and everything that came my way. This allowed me to embrace people, opportunities and suggestions, which has not only strengthened me personally, but also my relationships with the membership and my colleagues as well. I am very fortunate to have amazing team members who have also embraced this philosophy -  we were able to strengthen our bond during this time and created many opportunities out of this crisis.”

Director of International Design Guild Brian Murphy shares this sentiment, explaining that he welcomes active discussions amongst teammates as these conversations can lead to better problem solving.

“The benefit of working on a team who all manage similar responsibilities is that there is always someone to reach out to see how they would approach a situation or handle an issue that may arise,” Brian said. “I find the benefit of teamwork in this environment to be invaluable.”


How to Keep an Open Mind

Addressing issues and never individuals is a guideline that we like to follow as we find it leads to more positive outcomes and can provide a learning opportunity for all involved. 

“I try to change a complaint or an issue that a member may have into an opportunity for both CCA and the member,” Vanessa explained.

Staying curious and asking questions is key to maintaining a growth mindset. For Business Consultant Chris McCaffrey, curiosity comes naturally.

“It’s my disposition,” he said. “I want to be an expert in my field and working with CCA allows me to access the knowledge of our leadership, university, and membership. It all helps build my own skill-stack and I can use my knowledge to benefit our members.”

Still in her first year at CCA, Vanessa also believes that staying curious and continuing seek advice from her colleagues has allowed her to build closer relationships during a time that would have otherwise been lonely.

“I just completed my first year with CCA, so I’m curious about everything at this point,” Vanessa confessed. “As I started working from home without having the opportunity to meet with my colleagues in person, I’ve had to consistently ask questions in order to ensure a successful transition into my new role.”

As employees have put Keeping an Open Mind into practice, the culture surrounding CCA has benefited from a non-hierarchical staff that’s grown accustomed to wearing many hats. Our flexibility is necessary as we work towards the common goal of serving our members. CCA employees are eager to help out their fellow teammates and assist wherever they can to ensure the success of the members.

 “The culture at CCA promotes an open, cooperative atmosphere, where the employees work together with limited conflict,” Brian said. “That type of environment is often challenging to find and fosters the types of interaction that benefit all who work here.”