Showing Respect the CCA Way

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Take a look what showing respect within the workplace means to a few of our employees at CCA Global Partners.

While many companies have a common core philosophy, very few live by their guiding principles as CCA Global Partners does. The CCA Way is our approach to a thriving work environment, and our employees lead by showing respect. Respect is critical in creating a progressive workplace built on collaboration.  



What does it mean to show respect?

According to our Director of Budgeting and Reporting, Kim Owens Diamond, "Showing respect is one of the core CCA way principles – it encourages innovation, productivity, and collaboration which are key ingredients to the success of the company." 

We couldn't have put it better. Of our four key principles, showing respect is one of our most significant values as it encourages our employees to be mindful of everyone's well-being, regardless of background or status. But how do we show respect in the workplace? It can be as simple as expressing your gratitude for a colleague to lending someone a hand in completing a challenging project.

"Showing respect in the workplace to me is all about learning how to co-exist with others in a way that allows for everyone to get along and to get the task at hand done," Vice President of Member Services and Operations Frank Santaniello said. "Personally, I always try to practice simple things when working with others like smiling, saying hello, saying thank you to those that have done something nice for us as staff, being reliable, things like that."

For our Customer Relations Specialist, Judy Chakas, showing respect isn't just confined to the workplace but also extends to your co-worker's personal life as well.

"To me, showing respect, whether in or outside the workplace, is about doing the right thing," Judy Chakas, a Customer Relations Specialist, explained. "It may be as simple as being considerate of a co-worker's mood to voluntarily stepping up when help is needed."

How we show respect at CCA

Respect is engrained into CCA's work culture, and it begins at the top of our cooperative with our co-CEOs Howard Brodsky and Rick Bennett. Considerate of their employees' time and committed to forming relationships with all staff members, Howard and Rick are involved with the offices daily.

Frank recalls his positive first impression of Howard at the office when he began his career with CCA 17 years ago.

"One of my earliest experiences at CCA was having Howard, the company's CEO, casually walk around to every office and cube and stopping in to say hi or to ask how we were doing," Frank remembers. "I was so touched by that … that the CEO of the company cared that much about his employees and showed us that much respect that he not only knew my name and who I was, but also was genuinely interested in how I was doing. Seventeen years later, and that has left a lasting impression on me that here at CCA, we are not just names or numbers … we are people, and we matter."

At CCA, we show respect by doing the right thing and building trust within our workplace. We treat each other as equals and respect everyone's actions and performance rather than their status. Director of Application Technology Steve Wunsch explained that even small actions like feeling included in decisions can generate trust and respect among company employees.

“I recall a conversation early in my CCA career in which a senior leader sought out my opinion on a matter,” Steve said. “I had been with the company for a short time and was a little surprised that she would seek out my opinion.  It was a small thing, but that action on her part made me feel like I was part of a team and that I had an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way.”

Promoting a respectful office means resolving disagreements through candid and professional conversations. Staying humble and respecting the timelines and decisions of other team leaders is a major component of respect. Judy believes that when these aspects of respect remain a united front, people are more comfortable being themselves, generating high-quality work.

"A respectful environment allows employees to be themselves, allowing their talents and strengths to benefit the work culture," Judy said. "We may not know what someone else is dealing with and experiencing. Going into a respectful environment for our workday helps us to show up as our best selves, ultimately producing our best work."

While advocating for a respectful work culture is crucial for any business, ultimately the decision to be respectful falls on the shoulders of the employees themselves. Luckily, our staff at CCA understand that for our cooperative to thrive and achieve our common goal, we must respect each person involved in the process to get there.

"The amazing part about all of CCA's employees is that we can all band together and function as a whole to accomplish that goal … in order to do that with so many employees and moving piece we must all show respect to each other on a daily basis," Frank noted. "We have a great culture here at CCA, and it is because of our staff and also because all of us are willing to go the extra mile for each other and our members."