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In a tumultuous year with a global pandemic casting a great shadow of uncertainty and change on the economy, CCA Global Partners still finds a way to cultivate company culture, hold on to the connections that make it a special place to work, and welcome new employees into the fold. Critical times like these showcase the true character and nature of a company, and in adjusting to a new normal, CCA Global Partners had to rethink its onboarding process for those hired amidst a pandemic and did so without missing a beat. The challenge of creating a work culture that fosters deep connections between employees and management in a virtual world is no easy feat, however new hires feel the mission and passion of CCA’s work culture in this new normal resonates from the very beginning. 

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“I believe CCA has a very strong culture even while working virtually,” Assistant Regional Business Consultant Mike Simard said. “Everyone is still very collaborative with one another and motivated by what we are doing as a company.”

From the very first welcome to the company the staff at CCA exhibited great effort to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. HR organized Zoom calls with each new hire to kickoff their new experience with CCA and review systems, procedures, and resources universal to all employees. Since remote desktops and video equipment were sent to each new employee working remotely, the IT department also set up casual information sessions during which they reviewed initial set up, computer logins and system training.

Digital Content Coordinator Alec Biron, who was hired in early May, thinks the onboarding process was as efficient as ever, especially given that all employees, including HR, were working remotely at the time he was hired. 

“There really wasn’t ever a moment where I thought ‘This is unorganized or chaotic’ as my supervisor, HR, and colleagues did a tremendous job incorporating a remote onboarding experience,” Alec explained. “I was given time to review educational materials and practice initial writing samples [...] before diving into a full workload.”

As COVID restrictions began lifting and vaccinations became available to everyone of age, CCA Global Partners made the decision to re-open their office in June of 2021. A new hybrid work model was put in place. While some departments were designated fully remote, those that needed office space to fully function came back three days a week with Mondays and Fridays designated as work-from-home. 

“My first day to the office felt like the first day at school as a child,” Alec said. “We were all giddy with excitement – some eager to see familiar faces while others like myself would be introduced to the full office for the first time. I recall picking out my outfit and packing my lunch the night before – activities that had been left undone for over a year and half.”

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Multimedia Content Coordinator, Kristin Chan who was designated an in-office employee, was one of the first new hires to return to the office full-time. She appreciates the hybrid work model as it allows her to collaborate with her colleagues in the office three days a week, and also allows her to accomplish more detailed projects on remote workdays.

“It has been extremely convenient having a hybrid work model because I have the benefit of seeing my coworkers each week and experiencing the company culture, while also having the option and comfort of working remotely two times a week,” she says. “I know this option has been beneficial for my coworkers who have children or pets to take care of at home. The flexibility to work in-office only three times a week has helped relieve a lot of stress for parents who were worried about returning to the office full-time.”

Of course, one of the challenges of starting a job remotely during a global pandemic is the isolation and unfamiliar territory of a company’s culture. For instance, Nikki Fain, a Digital Account Coordinator, notes that she was disappointed to miss out on the bring-your-pet-to-work days when she was hired remotely in October of 2020, however she feels that CCA made up for this lack of fun in-office interactions with new traditions. 

“When I first started working here remotely, I was bummed to miss out on seeing all of the dogs in the office...But what I thought was particularly clear was the thoughtfulness and humor of the employees here and especially the company transparency,” Nikki said. “Throughout the past year, I’ve always been surprised at the little touches that go a long way, like providing us our little convention survival goodie bags prior to attending our first convention, or all the celebratory anniversary emails that made it clear how much people value each other.”

CCA has proven to be successful at creating a dynamic and collaborative space to enter both virtually and in-office. For instance, Alec noted the sense of impatience that many of his co-workers had to get back to the office and see their fellow colleagues.

“From the moment I stepped into CCA, I could feel that we had a culture led by autonomous trust, collaboration, and a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality when it came to peer interactions and fun,” Alec explained. “I could tell that we had many employees who were itching to visit their peers and friends at work, just waiting to return to some sense of normalcy in their day to day.”

One thing that many missed during the work-from-home days was social interaction with their teams. Many departments got creative throughout the year, hosting holiday Zoom celebrations, virtual cocktail hours and even Halloween Costume contests. 

“The company did an exceptional job keeping their employees engaged with one another virtually. I was constantly encouraged to do “virtual hangouts” and hop on Zoom calls with employees of different departments,” Multimedia Content Coordinator Kristin Chan said. “One of our coworkers started a monthly workout challenge, where employees were able to participate as much or as little as we wanted.”

Customer Support Specialist Jason Schneider, hired in August of 2020, summed it up perfectly, saying that the only thing that really changed with CCA’s culture was the location of the people. The passion for our mission never ceased.

“Everyone has checked in on one another, given a helping hand, and kept the ball rolling,” Jason said. “Although the office isn't filled up like it used to be, CCA has proven that the culture has an impact that can be brought outside of the office.”

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