CCA Global Partners' Commitment to the Pine Haven Boys Center

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One of our key missions here at CCA Global Partners is to continue to be involved in our local community. Two of our esteemed staff members from the Manchester office have taken this purpose to the next level. Maureen Heaney, Manchester’s office manager and Sally Kelly, the Vice President of Regional Network Groups have been long-time volunteers for the Pine Haven Boys Center in Allenstown, NH.




The Pine Haven Boys Center is local non-profit residential program that cares for boys with educational, emotional or behavioral problems. For years, Pine Haven has been committed to providing boys ages six to 15 who have suffered from abuse as well as other challenging circumstances with positive experiences and success-oriented programs. Currently, the program is caring for 25 children.


Having been on the board at Pine Haven for the past nine years, Sally has been incredibly active in their programs and community, regularly visiting the residency and mentoring children.


Since starting at Pine Haven herself, Maureen has streamlined activities and events for the kids in the program, organizing their activities and class schedules to benefit time management and maximize success.


In addition to their active roles at the Pine Haven center, Maureen and Sally also volunteer for Pine Haven’s Respite Families Program. This program gives the residential children who do not have a visiting resource an opportunity to spend quality time with individuals or families. Respite offers a safe space for the children to have extra focus on them and gives them time to practice the skills they are learning through Pine Haven in the real world.



“What I find about the Respite program is that I get more out of it almost than the boys do,” Maureen confided. “They are so happy that someone has taken an interest. They need that concentrated focus because they haven’t had any for most of their lives.


According to Maureen, when the boys arrive at the Pine Haven Center they are put in a very regimented learning program that designates specific meal times and class schedules.


“They are being taught social responsibility for the first time in their life,” Maureen explained. “What they don’t know, because they are in a closed environment, is how what they’re learning will translate out in the real world.”


Parents in the Respite Program are responsible for giving one-on-one focus and taking their mentees off-campus once a month for quality time and fun activities. For instance, Maureen is currently planning the next adventure for her Respite mentee: a glass blowing class!


Like many nonprofits, the Pine Haven Center was affected greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to host their traditional graduation ceremony to close out the school year and unable to host visitors throughout the first half of the pandemic, the Pine Haven boys missed out on time with their mentors and Respite parents. Sally, however, was determined to show the boys that their accomplishments hadn’t gone unnoticed. In an effort to commemorate the end of the school year and celebrate those graduating, Sally organized a car parade involving the local community in June of 2020


When first dreaming up the concept, Sally had expected about 10 cars to show up, but when the day of the parade actually arrived, it exceeded her wildest expectations. Over 90 cars arrived to wave hello and show their support for the Pine Haven Boys. Thanks to its success, Sally organized a second parade for June of 2021. Equally rewarding, this parade had nearly 90 cars accompanied by local police, firefighters and a float to celebrate the boys’ achievements.


“Maureen got CCA to bring in the surprise at the end: an ice cream truck,” Sally said. “That was great –that was so much fun.”


Sally and Maureen are not alone in their journey to support the center. Over the past few years, CCA Global staff have had the opportunity to visit Pine Haven through a company outing where employees can spend time with the children, play sports with them, and participate in fun crafting activities as well.


As the pandemic continues, Maureen and Sally have also worked with Pine Haven and the CCA Global Partners Manchester office to host cereal drives for the children. During the August 2020 Cereal Drive, 130 single-serving size boxes and 127 full-size boxes were donated to the cause. These numbers practically doubled during last November’s Cereal Drive where 132 single serving size boxes and 366 full-size boxes were donated, leaving the Pine Haven boys with nearly endless amounts of cereal!


If you are interested in learning more about Pine Haven Boys Center or are looking for volunteer opportunities, please visit their website to learn more.