Childcare During Covid: Driving Important Impact When Most Needed

In the face of a global pandemic, CCA For Social Good rose up to meet the challenges facing the child care business community, providing tools and shared resources crucial to navigating a public health crisis.

The founders of CCA Global Partners had no idea just how prolific their business model was when they started the company in 1984. What began as a thirteen-member retail flooring cooperative, is now a multi-billion-dollar company comprised of fourteen divisions extending far beyond their wildest dreams.

CCA Global is a special place, guided by principles, passion, and heart. Taking the mission of CCA and extending it into its most impactful ideation is CCA for Social Good, delivering an online business toolkit supporting over 30,000 childcare providers in 33 states. With the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic, CCA for Social Good’s services have never meant more to the children and adults in their network.

“The world was wholly unprepared for the challenges that we all experienced, the needs that arose and the lasting effects that the pandemic has had. We really had one choice – action,” says Denise Sayer, Vice President of CCA for Social Good. “We needed to respond in a way that benefitted the child care businesses trying to thrive so that they could better support the families and children they serve.”

2020 brought unprecedented challenges to the child care industry and these challenges have not lessened in 2021. Businesses closed, both temporarily and permanently, and new health and safety regulations flooded the child care business community. CCA for Social Good’s platform, ECE Shared Resources, delivered an immediate and multifaceted solution that supported the stability of child care businesses in the network, and most importantly the health and well-being of staff, children and families.

“When the pandemic hit, early childhood programs were sent into a tailspin as they had to rethink every aspect of their business operation. The ECE Shared Resource web platform was an invaluable tool as childcare programs worked to modify business practices and to obtain essential supplies,” Cellissa Hoyt, State Director of Early Learning New Hampshire and State Director of Vroom and Mind in the Making, said. “Denise Sayer and her team added high quality, new content quickly and efficiently, specific to managing a childcare business during Covid-19.”

CCA for Social Good's Denise Sayer

The commitment of the CCA for Social Good Team to their clients’ success is game changing for the industry and continues to prevail over the constant trials and residual influences of Covid-19. Their laser focus on the areas where they can continue to make the most impact supporting child care business sustainability and quality innovation is the CCA Way.

“The Resource Platform has allowed South Carolina to create a group of 320 providers across our state and when the pandemic hit, we were able to use those connections to provide them with the training resources that they so desperately needed in order to remain compliant and up-to-date on ever changing practices.” Says Leslie Latimer, Executive Director of Palmetto Shared Services Alliances, about the services of CCA for Social Good.

The pandemic has made technology solutions the hot button topic in every corner of the economy, child care and early education included. At the forefront of CCA for Social Good’s efforts has been adapting, creating and adopting digital solutions to meet the challenges of the field and addressing the ever-evolving needs of the child care business community. The dedication of the CCA for Social Good team in meeting the needs of the diverse child care community is the not-so-secret, secret to their continued success and growth.

“Equipping early learning providers with a user-friendly, multi-service platform has been a game changer… Experiencing a pandemic resulting in limiting resources, the (CCA for Social Good) platform has provided tremendous support to programs by offering an array of management tools, policies, and cost saving opportunities.” Sherry Grate, Ed.D. Vice President Community Impact Investing Ambassador Enterprises.

Denise Sayer says she is immensely proud and grateful to her CCA for Social Good team who worked together tirelessly over the past eighteen months.

"We were able to support the early child care education community and the thousands of providers we serve, not only with new resources and tools that supported survival during the pandemic, but also with innovative solutions to new problems, including the facilitation of access to PPE and supplies when store shelves were bare," she said. "Looking forward to the future, we believe that the work we do strengthens high quality, fiscally stable child care business operation which supports strong communities by enabling families to participate in the workforce with confidence that their children are safe and in an environment that supports their early education and development.”