Save the Date: October is Co-op Month

Who We Are CCA Global Partners

October is National Co-op Month, and here at CCA Global Partners we’re ready to share what makes being a cooperative so special.

National Co-op Month is celebrated by cooperatives nationwide during the month of October. It is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of a trusted, proven shared ownership structure as a way to do business and build communities. This year’s theme? “Build Back for Impact!” 

As impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to be feltbusinesses and communities are working tirelessly to build back an economy that works for everyone, and cooperatives are key to building an inclusive economy for all by empowering individuals with ownership and their own voice in the businesses that shape their lives. At the heart of what makes cooperatives special is this: in business today ownership matters. Every cooperative regardless of industry or region is solely owned by their members; whether those members are employees, consumers, or related organizations like farmers, business owners, or even schools is decided by the cooperative when it is formed. Here at CCA Global we are owned by the individual business owners operating their independent family businesses. 

CCA Global Partners is a real pioneer and recognized world leader of shared ownership business models, having created one of the most impactful purchasing cooperative structures to exist around the world. Our cooperative has forged a successful path for so many independent, family-owned businesses and earned its reputation as an industry leader and global cooperative innovator. Today, CCA Global Partners is one of the largest privately held cooperatives in the United States. More than 4,000 member businesses, 20,000 childcare centers and another 1 million independent businesses in North America benefit from CCA Global’s business leadership throughout its 14 different affiliate companies. 

How are we celebrating Co-op Month?  

By saying we’re a co-op!  
We are one of over 64,000 cooperatives in the United States, that touch over 130 million individual members through credit unions, co-op grocery stores, cooperative utility companies, and businesses like us known as purchasing cooperatives. Globally, we are one of 250 million cooperatives and 1 billion members. That translates to one out of every 7 people around the world is a member of a co-op!

By investing in the next generation!
Since 2016, the Nex40 Council, a leadership development group, has been supporting young professional members and employees throughout the CCA divisions to build peer relationships and share best practices and strategies for professional growth. Not only does the group work to support young professionals in achieving success, but also serves to inform the divisional leaders of trends, needs, and new ideas from this growing demographic. These young entrepreneurs are the future of CCA and we are here for it. Read more about our Nex40 Council on our blog.

Beyond the fold of CCA Global Partners we work closely with Cooperatives for a Better World and to support the development of new educational resources and a new wave of entrepreneurs who are expanding ownership and opportunity in business sectors ranging from healthcare to the gig economy. is the only accelerator in the United States focused on cooperative startups. Learn more about these activities at

How can you celebrate?  

Shop a Co-op! Shop with us and co-ops everywhere. Visit our retail brands divisional pages to get started. 

Celebrate Credit Unions! International Credit Union Day is October 21st. Make sure to celebrate your local branch or consider moving your money if you currently use a conventional bank. 

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Attend the Impact Conference! The National Cooperative Business Association’s Cooperative IMPACT Conference is the only national, cross-sector event elevating the national conversation around the trusted, proven cooperative way to do business and build communities. Whether you are a business owner, leader, student or consumer looking to learn more, be sure to check it out. The event is scheduled for October 4-8, 2021. Learn more at

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