Turning Rural Obstacles into Rural Opportunities

Who We Are CCA Global Partners

Where corporations see rural obstacles, CCA Global Partners sees rural opportunities.

From flooring, lighting, biking and sports retail to business services, nonprofits, and childcare, CCA Global Partners touches over 1 million family-owned businesses in America alone. All are united in the core objective to help family-owned businesses win, together. To keep a family business viable requires massive investments, a level of sophistication and scale in technology, marketing, and buying beyond the capabilities of what any single business can achieve on its own. And in Rural America the stakes are that much higher with distance, smaller populations, and a lack of infrastructure having powerful influences on the nuances of running a successful business. With almost 400 members in rural communities, CCA Global Partners is directly addressing these issues head on by harnessing the power of scale and shared ownership to get technological and financial supports in place to boost local family businesses’ ability to thrive and sustain the services that they bring to their rural communities.

CCA Global Partners is part of a long legacy of cooperatives building and bringing critical goods and services to rural communities around the world. For over 100 years, cooperatives in the United States have been stepping up to empower rural communities with shared ownership to bring business, infrastructure, and essential services like electrification and groceries to areas where conventional corporations saw no profit in doing so. And as a cooperative, CCA Global’s shared ownership structure makes it especially apt to build and sustain strong independent businesses. Because a cooperative is owned by, and operated for, the benefit of the people at the heart of the organization rather than outside investors, CCA Global can focus on helping members succeed.

Rural business members exist across all divisions of CCA Global Partners, and we’re keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and operating on the front lines of finding innovative solutions to keep local businesses viable, competitive, and successful regardless of industry or region. Diversity in the businesses CCA Global Partners serves ultimately makes the business stronger. CCA Global is a critical technological service provider connecting rural business owners to back-end technologies, group buying, marketing, and a number of other digital services that vary on the needs of the business itself and the division of CCA that it’s a part of.  And with new technologies and data analytics the sky is the limit in the tools we can develop to better serve member businesses.

“We are working to leverage the power of our data to give our members an edge tailored to the type of surroundings their locations are in.” says Jesse Horwath, Business Analyst at CCA Global Partners.

One of the most critical services CCA Global Partners provides its members is connection –not just to services but to each other. Both members and employees alike speak so highly of the different programs, meetings, and events that connect members both formally and informally to share best practices, convene on arising industry issues, and ultimately lead to a natural byproduct:  lasting friendships. No business owner connected to CCA Global Partners is going it alone.

“Many of our rural members mentioned how their local competitors wished that they had the resources and interpersonal connections of those retailers who are CCA members," stated Keri Spiwak, Regional Membership Consultant.

The services and connectivity provided throughout the divisions of CCA Global were made that much more valuable with the unforeseen impacts of Covid-19 weighing heavy on independent, family-owned businesses. Leadership and employees continue to go above and beyond to ensure all members are supported as impacts continue to hang over the economy.

“Repeatedly during COVID we received deepfelt gratitude from our members, whom we helped navigate government loans, quarantine protocols, store signage, etc.  Our Regional Network Groups had 3,023 member attendees participate in our virtual networking meetings since March 2020!” Sally Kelly, VP of Regional Network Groups said.

Another critical benefit is that these family-owned, community-anchoring businesses can be a part of CCA Global Partners without sacrificing their independent identities. CCA Global’s unique use of shared ownership also builds equity into the organization through a one-member-one-vote principle ensuring that rural business owners have an equal voice among their larger urban and suburban counterparts when it comes to making big operational decisions and equitable profit sharing each year. The balance achieved within such an organization like CCA Global Partners is unprecedented.

Our championing of the rural business community is not simply an internal exercise, but an outward collaboration as well. We share this mission with the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship, and our annual participation and support of their Radically Rural Summit is one more way we seek to sustain the success of rural life.

Our cooperative has forged a successful path for so many independent businesses and earned its reputation as an industry leader and global cooperative innovator. Today, CCA Global Partners is one of the largest privately held cooperatives in the United States. More than 4,000 member businesses, 20,000 childcare centers and another 1 million independent businesses in North America benefit from CCA Global Partner’s business leadership throughout its 14 different affiliate companies.

Interested in the Radically Rural Summit? It’s happening September 22-23, 2021 – Register Here

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