Savings4Members Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary with Year of Giving Back Campaign

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There is a lot to celebrate at Savings4Members as the pioneering division of CCA Global Partners turns 15. What began as a small initiative to help independent businesses reduce costs has quickly evolved into the leading independent business savings program nationwide.


Today, the programs of Savings4Members are providing exclusive savings for over 1.1 million independent businesses. Partnered with 100+ member-based organizations, from business associations, industry alliances, to franchises and cooperative networks, Savings4Members has helped small businesses save over $24 million this past year alone. Annually, individual member businesses save around $14,000 on products and services like office supplies, uniforms, fuel, credit card processing, payroll processing and shipping. These savings quickly add up on the balance sheet, helping member businesses remain successful year in and year out.

With the incredible upending of business as usual by the COVID-19 pandemic, Savings4Members has leaned into their mission to elevate their member-first operations. 

“We know that our members are doing so much. They're wearing multiple hats; they are doing more things than they’ve ever done. And with a shortage of labor and staff anything that we can do to help them, we do it. Whether it's negotiating a new program or connecting them with a vendor to solve a problem or being their customer service -- anything that we can do to help people get through these tough times.” says Jason Larson, Savings4Members Vice President. 

In honor of their 15-year anniversary, Savings4Members has kicked off their Year of Giving Back campaign, combining efforts across the company and the CCA Global Partners corporate office in New Hampshire to give back in big ways to local community organizations. 

Savings4Members Coat Drive
Savings4Members team members deliver pizza to a local hospital.

“To celebrate that we are 15 years old and to build team morale, we want to pay it forward. We want to give back to the people who have been working their tails off the last two years - healthcare workers, food service, retail, everyone making sacrifices for their community. Our Year of Giving Back is a way to recognize their hard work, and a way to recognize our team’s work and bring that human element back to our company by paying it forward.” Adds Jason.

Their first two events of the year just concluded, the first with a donation of 100 winter coats to the Friends of Forgotten Children charity, and the second a surprise pizza party for healthcare workers at a local hospital's Intensive Care Unit. This is the first of several planned *events, and with a real passion for community the Savings4Members team plans to carry this giving mindset into the future.

Savings4Members Coat Drive
Savings4Members team members deliver 100 coats to local charity.

“We see some of these initiatives that we're implementing for our 15-year celebration carrying on for years to come.” Adds Rachael DiOrio, Account Communications Manager. 

Savings4Members initially began under the name BizUnite and was started to bring some of CCA Global Partners expertise and services only offered in their core cooperative business divisions to a wider group of independent businesses regardless of industry. With several evolutions BizUnite quickly grew into the Savings4Members we know today, directly serving members of partner organizations with exclusive savings opportunities as a benefit of membership. With pre-negotiated pricing on the products and services businesses use every day, the cost-cutting opportunities are made possible by the power of scale across the Savings4Members network, and the impact is huge.

“For me it's all about the people. It's working with small independent businesses and making a difference for these business owners. It's working with executives like Howard Brodsky and different buying group and co-op leaders. It is our people, our internal team here. We're a tight-knit, family-oriented division and we've built this together over the last fifteen years. The impact we have is an incredible thing to be a part of.” reflects Jason Larson. 


*Interested in learning more about Savings4Members Giving Back Campaign? Visit their events page for more information. 

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