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Lighting One has been powering the success of lighting retailers with bigger buying power, networking opportunities and unified brand advertising for over 21 years now. With 150 plus members spanning over 300 showroom locations, Lighting One is the largest lighting and home decor cooperative in North America. Their mission to provide expert knowledge and qualified assistance to clients looking for beautiful lighting solutions, gives lighting retailers the unique opportunity to benefit from the power of a cooperative while maintaining their independent ownership.


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For many Lighting One members, their original reason for joining the cooperative is financial, but what many quickly discover is not only are they saving money, but they’ve joined a community that benefits from aligned business goals and partnerships.


“Initially, the most compelling reason for our company joining Lighting One was financial,” Dana Hunt of Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta, Georgia said. “These benefits pale in comparison to the strategic initiatives that Lighting One continues to bring to our industry and our business. Lighting One brings authenticity to the phrase “business partner.” The benefits we reap are real, measurable, and meaningful. Lighting One is a company of excellence and integrity.”


According to Lighting One President Gregg Garofalo, who’s been in the industry for 38 years, lighting retailers are also drawn to the co-op for the benefits of the marketing program and buying power.


“These incentives are not available as a single showroom, but are because of the scale of the co-op,” Garofalo said.


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‘Members first’ is the motto of Lighting One’s corporate office, and their member-focused initiatives reflect this.


“Everything that we do, all of the benefits, marketing and the business initiatives, is with the member in mind, and how those offerings will positively benefit the showroom’s business growth and brand awareness in their community,” Marketing Specialist Rebekah Corbitt said.


As part of the marketing team, Rebekah works closely with members to grow their digital marketing platform. Her favorite part of the marketing process is the initial learning curve of getting to know the story behind each member.


“They all have similar goals because they're in the same industry, but I love getting to know what makes them unique,” Rebekah said. “Either personality wise —the owners and their team members—or a specific niche of expertise such as installation or design services.”


The Lighting One marketing team, in conjunction with the digital agency Madwire®/Marketing 360®, has worked tirelessly to put together a local digital marketing program primed for Lighting One, including email campaigns and digital assets at no cost to members.


“Our local guy did not have any background or any feedback on the lighting industry and that was really important to us —working with somebody who was doing digital marketing for other clients that were in the same type of business, because the lighting business is different from a lot of other retail driven business out there,” Todd Director of Connecticut Lighting Centers said.


Looking ahead at 2022, Lighting One has big plans for the cooperative with new member initiatives and incentives.


These initiatives, include all areas enhancing the overall value proposition of membership, with a goal to ensure members are profitable and sustainable in the years ahead,” Garofalo said.


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