North America’s Most Elite Flooring Retailers “Dare to be Different Together” Through the Power of Design, Collaboration and Innovation

Manchester, NH

International Design Guild (IDG), the luxury division of CCA Global Partners, and the nation’s largest flooring cooperative, today kicked-off its 2018 IDG Summit at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The two-day meeting theme is dubbed “Dare To Be Different Together”, and will unite the best luxury flooring retailers in North America to actively participate in networking events, breakout sessions and hear exciting plans from marketing, merchandising and operations on how the group will execute against an aggressive three-year plan built collaboratively by and for the membership at large.  

“A new year represents an opportunity for our membership to come together reinvigorated and passionate about the businesses possibilities for 2018—from new, exclusive products in their showrooms to enhanced marketing campaigns to building brand awareness—we have one common goal: driving growth and profitability,” said Keith Spano, President of IDG. Additionally, Spano indicated his commitment to the growth of the International Design Guild by hiring a dedicated Managing Director for IDG. “I am excited to announce the addition of Nancy Hill-Anderson to IDG as our new Managing Director, a newly formed position to help propel the group forward.” Hill-Anderson has a broad range of retail experience and is passionate about bringing the group together and engaging the membership in new ways. According to Hill-Anderson, “The IDG members are an incredible group of savvy business owners, and I look forward to helping them differentiate themselves, engage with our programs and most importantly drive their business to new heights.”

From a marketing perspective, Frank Chiera, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising, indicated significant changes to the marketing offering for IDG members this year and beyond. IDG members will see all new consumer focused marketing efforts highlighting the fact that they are part of an elite group. As Chiera states, “We see the IDG membership as so much more than independent retailers, rather they are a “collective” of retailers all possessing unique skills and talents. IDG members don’t compete with each other, instead they collaborate with each other and we feel that has enormous potential to tap into from a marketing message standpoint. The idea of consumers and designers having access to the finest high-end flooring retailers that all specialize in different product areas is powerful.” Chiera indicated that along with all new positioning, IDG members will see a new brand architecture to bring the concept to life in-store, online and through all of their marketing efforts.

Additionally, IDG’s wildly successful Design for a Difference movement remains a core program for 2018, with continued support and expansion of the program planned for the upcoming year, including a completely refreshed brand identity, all new websites and more options to get members engaged in a program that truly transforms lives (both store owners, their designers and the community). “Design for a Difference has had a profound impact on members as well as in their communities,” said Mark Brunetz, spokesperson for Design for a Difference and IDG Designer program.  “It not only taps into the social graph of the community, but it equally aligns with the generous heart of the membership as business leaders.”

IDG also announced the rollout of all new websites for the membership. “These aren’t just any website, these sites are a culmination of our best thinking, member feedback and what we see as top trends in the online luxury flooring space to set our members apart. The new sites are mobile first, elegantly designed, and extremely customizable and configurable for our members,” said Chiera.

On the product front, the big focus of Summit 2018 will be a renewed focus on the Louis A. Dabbieri™ proprietary brand, carried exclusively by IDG members. Cathey Links, Vice President of Merchandising indicated new products under the Louis A. Dabbieri™ COLLECTIONS line will surely get members excited, particularly as the group plans to promote the brand nationally during key consumer windows.

Also taking the big stage to share his thoughts on ways in which companies can “humanize business” is renowned speaker and Chief Executive Officer of Capitalism 2.0, Mark Fernandes. Mark travels the world sharing he thoughts on how leadership and business act as driving forces for social, environmental and economic business. As a result of his work, and 21 years in the C-suite of the private sector, Mark was recently selected as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Leadership Innovators Changing How We Lead. He has also been listed as one of Inc.’s Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers as well as a Top 75 Human Business Champion by Switch & Shift.

Spano concluded by saying, “We want to see all members leveraging the powerful programs available to them through their IDG membership to further develop their standing as the dominant players in the luxury space.”

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